Assume some Accountability, IDA!


More than 1,500 SingPass accounts could have been accessed illegitimately, potentially threatening the security of citizens’ data from how much they earn and where they live to their car number and children’s names.

In a hastily-called press conference late Wednesday evening, the Infocomm Development Authority said that there was “no evidence to suggest that the SingPass system has been compromised.”

To me this is just a poor attempt to play with words.

More than 1,500 SingPass accounts could have been accessed illegitimately but the system has not been compromised?

Oh, come on!

What then is the meaning of the word “compromised”?

Is this the culture we allow to pervade our nation?

The first thing IDA must do is to apologize instead of bullshitting us. Or blaming other people.

Jacqueline Poh, the Managing Director for IDA was quoted saying “For every individual, the incident underlines the importance of taking personal responsibility for cyber security.”

Oh, so it’s my fault?

Fucking unbelievable!

IDA, fix the problem, not the blame.

For too long we have permitted officials of public organizations to get away with murder without having to account for their incompetence.

It’s high time regulators themselves are regulated!

It’s IDA’s job to ensure that such incidents do not happen!

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