First Prize for Graciousness Goes to Sanjay Radakrishna

His parents must have sent him to a special school to learn his manners.

His parents must have sent him to a special school to learn his manners.

When 26-year-old wannabe teacher Sanjay Radakrishna was reported as missing in the Cambodian jungles, fellow Singaporeans were naturally concerned.

On Monday last week he set off to scale a mountain in Cambodia and got lost on his way down.

Radakrishna who bragged that he has been trekking since he was 15 and has trekked some 15 mountains thus far, became incommunicado.

This made many Singaporeans anxious.

He eventually made it to a village this past Sunday, was able to charge his phone and connect to cellular networks and read the 200 Facebook and 3,000 WhatsApp messages from worried relatives and friends.

And he had this to say to the press: “To me, it was not that big a hoo-ha…but knowing how things are in Singapore, going missing for seven days will surely make everyone panic.” (See yesterday’s Straits Times.)

No “thank you for your concern” and no “sorry for making you all worry” but just those smug comments.

What a douche bag!

God has mercy on us if puffed-up turds like that become teachers and educators.

NOTE: Lest I be accused of being too harsh with the young man, I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hope he was well bred enough to respond appropriately to his relatives and friends who messaged him but surely I’m not being unreasonable to expect him to at least say a word of thanks through the press to those of us Singaporeans who have been praying for his safety.

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