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30th Wedding Anniversary

November 17th  30 years married 10,950 days 262,800 hours 15,768,000 minutes 3 amazing children 1 fantastic son-in-law 2 beautiful grandchildren 1 blessed family!

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Insulting by Coin-dumping

About this time last year, there was a story going around claiming that Samsung paid Apple US$1 billion worth of damages in a lawsuit using 5-cent coins transported by 30 trucks. The story even quoted Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee saying … Continue reading

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Let Down?

“Loose lips sink ships.” I remember those words on a poster on the wall when I was serving my National Service. Basically it means “beware of unguarded talk.” I tend to interpret it as “keep your promises.” Over the weekend … Continue reading

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Colonel Hans Landa’s Calabash

This is the same pipe made for the movie Inglourious Basterds and is handmade by a German-Austrian pipe maker. It is NOT a toy or a movie replica or part of the official movie merchandise – the pipemaker made this … Continue reading

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The Paper Chase – A Matter of Degrees

At this year’s National Day Rally in August, the prime minister highlighted some individuals who despite a lack of university degrees rose to prominence in their careers. Since then, talking heads, aided by the media, have been sending forth the … Continue reading

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Bah Kut Tail

Bah kut teh is basically pork-rib soup. While the Hokkiens prefer those dark-colored ones cooked in soy sauce and popular in Malaysia, most bah kut teh sold in Singapore are the lighter Teochew kind, peppery and garlicky, with clear soup. … Continue reading

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