Data Analytics – One Man’s View

RottenIT firms need new flavors to continue to milk customers. When I was with “the circus” (this huge globally-integrated corporation I was with for ten years) there was first “e-business on demand” before it was abbreviated to simply “on demand.” Next came “cloud computing” and the latest is “data analytics.”

To me data analytics is another one of those glorified common-sense things. We generate data all the time through the things we do. Indeed from what I hear and observe and see, I can put together a reasonably accurate picture of what sort of a person you are. Based on that, I then determine how I will interact with you from that point on. That’s data analytics to me.

If someone is talking about splitting from his wife or contemplating suicide and you respond with a stupid grin, or snigger at him or worse, giggle and utter infantile bullshit; that data you are sending is causing that person to analyze that you are just another insensitive jerk, someone completely incapable of reaching out to those in need.

If conversation around the table – as it has been lately with a group I am acquainted with – seems to be focusing increasingly more on sexual exploits and on married men and their nights out desperately trying to hit on women at drinking places, that data being sent enables me to immediately analyze your character and causes me to arrive at certain conclusions about you. No wonder so many have left the group. Indeed it is painful to be around expletive-spewing people who will never be invited to decent homes because they are not house-trained, because basically, they are clods who may even hold advance degrees yet possess absolutely no taste, and not the slightest perception of refinement.

If you have been spouting verbiage about opening a restaurant – or any other business for that matter – but till now have not produce one shred of evidence that you can actually deliver on your words, then that data is forcing me to analyze that you are nothing but hot air. See this post.

Come on, it’s not rocket science. People look at you and size you up.

“By their fruits ye shall know them.”

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