Copulate More to Save our Country

Ex Buffoon-in-Chief

Ex Buffoon-in-Chief

In yesterday’s papers two loud headlines were staring right in my face.

One about a fucktard from China who activated a plane slide for a quick exit.

The other headline screamed “High drama in Tampines after murder” – some nut job from China killed a woman and then made a big show of trying to stab himself to death. (Too bad the bastard didn’t succeed.)

Yup, both incidents were perpetuated by Chinese people from mainland China.

There are lots of brilliant, well-educated, cultured people in China but it’s often the crude, crass, corrupted ones who make the news.

And in Singapore we seem to attract the worst trash from the mainland – the uncouth, phlegm-clearing, loud-spitting types, those who eat like pigs and behave like barbarians; the worst of the worst.

Increasingly, headlines are being created by miscreants from mainland China – hookers with vaginas for rent, con artists who cheat old ladies of their fortunes, douche bags who steal from passengers’ luggage, study mamas who freelance by providing sexual services, air passengers who splash hot water on flight attendants or who fight among themselves, home wreckers who steal your husbands, young sirens who con men of their CPF, you name them, we have them.

Already this country is proliferated with tactless people with absolutely no EQ, and these outsiders – happily let in by our government – only add to the gene pool, making Singapore nothing more than a huge cess pool.

When locals are not producing enough, and the birth rate drops, the floodgates are open and all kinds of self-styled “foreign talent” storm in and contaminate our stock.

Singaporeans, please procreate more or we’ll lose our country very soon! The few of us remaining will be strangers in our own dystopian land.

As for those trouble makers from the middle kingdom, they should be banished to middle earth.

No, not Tolkien’s middle earth – I mean we should bury them alive in the middle of the earth!


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