Three Precious Gifts

For Christmas this year I was inundated with gifts from family and friends.

Among them are three tobacco pipes.

The top left one is a Poul Winslow flame grain pipe; simply lovely.

The little sandblasted pipe next to it is a vintage ROPP from France and its’ uniqueness is that the entire mouthpiece – and it’s a pretty long one – is made of horn.

Finally my favorite of the lot, a gift from my youngest son – a clay pipe.

It is sometimes referred to as The Colonel Tavern Pipe and is made by Williamsburg Pottery, Lightfoot, Virginia based on the style used in England and the American colonies in the 18th century when clay pipes would be made available for free at taverns where patrons would enjoy a smoke with their tankard of ale.

The pipe is long so as to allow for the bit to be snapped off for the next smoker to use.

Cool, eh?

With the shisha ban, perhaps pubs should introduce the clay pipes here.

Hey, start shitting bricks will you, the relevant authorities!


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