At Long Last, a Longchamp!


Iggy beat me to it, purchasing this off eBay, but was kind enough to let me have it at the price he paid.

This is an unsmoked estate pipe, a much-coveted large Longchamp Leather Billiard made in France in 1959. (Much-coveted because my first Longchamp was left behind at another place at another time…long story.) Anyway, an estate Longchamp Leather of this quality is rare indeed. (Thanks, Landrick for the find.) It’s in mint condition, with no oxidation of the shiny mouthpiece at all.

The pipe is covered in fine calfskin and made from Algerian briar.

This pipe, I like very much.

This Iggy, I like much much too.

Thanks, Landrick and Iggy!

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