It’s Valentine’s Day Again

Freedom comes at a price - 55 bucks each.

Freedom comes at a price – 55 bucks each.

A local florist – that’s her in the picture above – has imported 300 stalks of the world’s tallest roses from Ecuador.

Known as Freedom, each stalk is 1.5m (almost five feet) tall.

She is selling them at S$55/- apiece, and one customer has snapped up 100 for his wife.

If roses are a way to declare your love on Valentine’s Day, what do these up-sized versions say?

Well, I guess if money is no object, what is spending 5 or 6 thousand bucks on flowers for a woman who truly deserves to be pampered.

The Romeo who ordered the flowers said “I don’t know much about flowers so I’m leaving it to my florist. It’s like diamonds. I don’t quite understand why women like that rock either.”

Well, some men are fools for love and some are just, well, you know…

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