How I Became a Loser

FatAssTo be honest, I didn’t really make any special effort. Or at least what I did didn’t feel like it was any special effort because I didn’t really “suffer.”

What I did was to cut out all sugar from my drinks and food.

Next, I reduced my carb intake.

And when I eat, I eat just about right to keep me satiated. I didn’t eat the way I did before which was to eat until I was so full I could hardly breathe.

Also, each time I sit down for a meal, I make it a point NOT to finish everything on the plate; that is to say, I always try to leave something behind. So I don’t eat until I’m full, I just eat what I believe is enough.

Since young, we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that we must finish everything that is served. That may be good manners, and a good habit not to waste food, but who says we have to finish everything?

Even when I’m eating my favorite $5 bak chor mee, which isn’t a lot, I would try to leave 20% behind.

I don’t always succeed, to be perfectly honest. But if I fail once, I try to make a success out of it at the next meal. No point beating myself up.

So you see, a little day by day, eventually adds up to weight loss.

And oh yes, I try to cut down on supper. Sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips was something I enjoyed and it took a bit of discipline to minimize that.

At my fattest, the waist of my pants was at least 49 inches, now it’s 47. Still a long way to go but to me, it’s a bit of an achievement already.

And I’m still working on it.

What about exercise?

Truth be told, I hate exercise of any form. I know it’s not right and one day I’ll probably drop dead from my sedentary lifestyle but apart from those exercises taught by my physiotherapist designed to strengthen my back muscles (I have multilevel degenerative disc disease at L2-3 and L4-5) I am not doing anything extra.

And I still imbibe my favorite tipple of single malt every so often.

And indulge in a (sweet) hazelnut latte once a week.

So you see, without much effort I’ve been able to lose some weight already, so can you imagine if you really put in some disciplined, solid efforts?

You’ll be much more successful than I am!

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