BunnahabhainI love the Bunnahabhain 16-year-old in Manzanilla Wood Finish; unfortunately there are only 3,792 bottles available.

If you are into strange-sounding names, Glenglassaugh has a whisky named “The Spirit Drink that Dare Not Speak Its Name.”

There is also a pink version named “The Spirit Drink That Blushes to Speak Its Name.”

If you like a little punishment with your single-malt, go for the peaty ones from Islay.

The peatiest one right now is the Bruichladdich Octomore 3, weighing in at 152 ppm on the peatiness score.

The previous champion, the Octomore Orpheus scored at 140 ppm.

PPM stands for Phenols Parts Per Million.

Peatyness is measurable, in phenols, a carbolic acid and aromatic organic compound that makes its way into the barley during the drying process.

The higher ppm means there are more of these aromatic compounds, which means smokier and peatier. Note that the measurement is taken of the barley, not of the resulting whisky.

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