Anthony Harris’ Double-chambered Pipe

AnthonyHarrisReverseCalabashAt the Chicago Pipe Show, I purchased from American pipe maker extraordinaire, Anthony Harris, a double-chambered pipe.

Many people think that the double-chambered pipe is a new development or a fad, but that’s not quite correct, as the traditional calabash is actually a double-chambered pipe. However it’s troublesome to carry one around. So what Anthony attempts with this design of the double-chambered pipe is a new application of an old idea. He wants to marry the convenience of the standard briar pipe with the smoking characteristics of the calabash and the result is astounding!

Double-chambered pipes are often referred to as “reverse calabashes.” With a regular calabash the smoke cools beneath the bowl, whereas with a double-chambered pipe, the smoke cools inside the shank – the position is reversed.

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