Retarded Site

Click on the picture below to have a good look at LinkedIn‘s suggestion that I should apply for a job as a pastry chef:


I paid an arm and a leg to be a premium account holder – S$1151.40 a year to be exact – and this is the crap I get.


When I get robbed, its usually by someone with a gun, and hiding behind a mask.

LinkedIn just robs you blind openly.

I’ve come to the conclusion that LinkedIn, the Facebook wannabe, is an utter waste of time and money.

I’ve heard claims that people have found jobs by listing their profiles on LinkedIn.

Well, LinkedIn has done nothing for me despite the S$1151.40 I pay annually.

To me, LinkedIn has deteriorated to the extent where it is now just a CV cesspool abused by all kinds of charlatans and snake oil peddlers to embellish their pathetic under-achievements and to self-promote.

Perhaps I should ask for a refund, but then, robbers seldom return money they have stolen.

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