Isn’t it Time to Demonize Booze?

Tobacco will never do this to you!

Tobacco will never do this to you!

Any retard can quote verbatim from Wikipedia and write a letter demonizing tobacco, still Amy Choong Mei Fun should be lauded for taking the time and making the effort to do so.

Her letter to The Straits Times on May 27th, entitled “Harmful effects of tobacco, from production to disposal” started off by saying how land must be deforested to make way for tobacco plants, then moved on to child labor being employed, to deadly pesticides and fertilizers being used to cigarettes being toxic, blah, blah, blah, the usual anti-tobacco Nazi crap.

Well, didn’t HL Mencken once said that “the urge to save humanity is almost always a false-front for the urge to rule it”?

I don’t know what dear Amy’s real agenda is, but perhaps she should visit Wikipedia again and write another letter this time on the harmful effects of alcohol, from production to disposal.

Alcohol consumption – and its sinister outcome – is on the rise, which is one reason why alcohol sale is now prohibited from 10.30pm onwards and beer promoters have been barred from food courts and hawker centers. Victims of binge drinking vomiting in public places, trying to do a Merlion, is a common sight especially at Boat Quay and Clarke Quay and at watering holes everywhere. It is also not uncommon to see drinkers consuming beer at kopi-tiams, food courts and hawker centers as early as 8am in the morning and on top of all that, Singapore has earned a dubious distinction in the world by being rated as the number one whisky drinking country globally. Seriously, must we be number one in everything?

Indeed, Americans drink less than half a bottle of whisky per person per year; this is pale in comparison to Singaporeans, we drink nearly 13 bottles per person annually (according to statistics provided by Scotch Whisky Association.) That’s 13 bottles per person, mind you. Bars are springing up everywhere. We drink so much that some whisky brands, are made available exclusively in Singapore first, then in Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai and Hong Kong and eventually to the rest of the world later.

Tobacco didn’t cause a disastrous riot in Singapore recently, the first such social unrest in decades. True, alcohol produces no second-hand smoke but it is a silent killer, the act of a person drinking away quietly is akin to a person poisoning himself directly. He might as well just inject alcohol into his bloodstream. Smokers may not blow smoke into your environs, and if they do, certainly less lethal smoke than those emitted by vehicles, but the drinker imbibing alone may well turn out to be a monster. (Are those calling for a ban on secondhand smoke actually being selfishly mean and wishing that others may just silently go and die? Or is it a convenient matter of “out of sight, out of mind” like some Germans during Hitler’s reign of terror. Just because you are not near enough to see smoke from the ovens, you think everything is hunky dory. Yup, as long as it’s not happening in your own backyard, why the fuck should you care, right? Or is the call to ban tobacco just another middle finger pointed by those repressed retards with unresolved anger issues?) Not called a “social lubricant” for nothing, alcohol can alter one’s perception, judgment and behavior and cause more damage and harm than tobacco. Tobacco won’t cause people to rape and molest. I’m a pipe and cigar smoker and I haven’t raped or molested anyone yet. Recently a woman was raped when the rapist who saw her drinking alone invited her for a ride in his car. Nobody rapes or get raped after consuming tobacco. Tobacco also won’t cause road accidents. Alcohol can kill instantaneously, as in the case of a karaoke hostess from Korea who died here in Singapore when a client of hers forced her to drown 18 shots of alcohol neat by paying her 50 bucks a shot. Bastard should be charged for murder. And recently a French barman has been convicted of manslaughter and given a suspended sentence after allowing a customer to drink 56 shots that led to his death.

Yes, I’m sure Wikipedia, social media, etc has all that, dear Amy.

To keep things in perspective, I therefore hope keyboard warriors like Amy would write in to warn us about the harmful effects of alcohol, and perhaps urge the government to ban alcohol completely. Of course she will have to pay a higher income tax since the government will lose the humongous tax collected from alcohol, and when that happens she can always write yet another letter preaching about the evils of income tax, I suppose. In any case, alcohol surely deserves as much attention as tobacco, but few have chosen to demonize it thus far. Perhaps that time has come?

By the way if you see a bulge in my cheek, it’s my tongue, you moron!

Secondhand smoke won't do this to you.

Secondhand smoke won’t do this to you.

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