Gross Profiteering

EarlyMorningPipeA store in Singapore was selling this for S$79/-. It was recently marked down to S$69/-. Oh, a discount? Their generosity staggers the imagination! Throngs of pipe smokers must be on their knees thanking them. (By the way the same store sells a €65/- Savinelli Cricket pipe for well over S$300/-.)

If you go online to, say,, a tin of the pipe tobacco shown above is just US$9.15 before discount. (You get 10% off if you order 25 tins or more, meaning each will cost just US$8.24).

At it’s US$91.10 for a tin and if you order 5 tins, it’ll only cost you US$7.73 a tin.

At it’s US$9.29 a tin.

I think S$79/- a tin is daylight robbery. I believe unscrupulous merchants who do such things will get their comeuppance.

If you order online and pay tax and shipping, it’s still cheaper than being robbed.

And if you go to Malaysia it’s selling for MR75/- a tin, which is still darn cheap – compare that to S$79/-. And even if you declare at Customs and pay tax, it’s still worth buying in Malaysia, especially now when the Malaysian Ringgit is at an all-time low.

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