Korean Bamboo Salt Toothpaste

JukyeomIn the last few years, we see a proliferation of products infused with salt – there is salt in ice-cream, salt in chocolates, salt in cupcakes and salt in god knows what. Ever since I spent a year working in Korea decades ago, I’ve become accustomed to Korean bamboo salt toothpaste.

Bamboo salt or “jukyeom” is very much a part of Korean folk remedy. Bamboo filled with salt from the Western Sea Coast of the Korean peninsula, is sealed with mud and baked, using pine wood at high temperature for as many as nine times. The belief is that the salt thus treated has medicinal properties.

Since my stint in Korea, I’ve been using the Korean bamboo salt toothpaste. When I run out of my supply, a good standby is the Salz Hypertonic salt toothpaste, available from nearby Thailand, but nothing beats the Korean bamboo salt toothpaste, the original!

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