Bad Taste

NoClassShe is said to be Singapore’s prettiest undertaker, so her wedding photos were shot with a casket. In one picture, she and her husband were lying inside a coffin. Some people – including the photographer and the marital couple’s friends and some geomancers (translation: charlatans)  – think it’s cool but I consider it bad taste. It has nothing to do with death being a taboo subject or anything like that. In my opinion, one moronic act like this renders her the ugliest bride in Singapore.

We may have progressed materially but far too many of us lack finesse.

Other examples of recently-encountered inappropriate behavior:

When you are my guest, and you complain and scold the wait staff of the restaurant to which I have invited you.

When you show up late for your appointment with me.

When you show up at my party empty-handed.

When you ignore my WhatsApp messages or SMS or emails. (Once a reasonable amount of time has lapsed, you will be removed from my address book and be regarded as a persona non grata.)

When you openly praise the food in other restaurants while stuffing your face in the restaurant I’ve invited you to.

When you assume that I will be paying for your meals just because we hang out together often.

When you talk on your phone or use your phone for messaging during a movie.

When you refuse to assume responsibility for the failures of your department and look for subordinates to blame.

When you forget Matthew 21:12 and  boast of selling gold candleholders and religious accoutrements so that people can worship God in a lavish manner. Have you also forgotten Mark 12:22?

When you preach about blessings but won’t part with one penny to help the disadvantaged.

When you say one thing and do another.

When you dispense unsolicited advice.

When you lecture me about the harmfulness of certain food yet gorge on those very food right in front of my face.

When you make comments about how I look. (If I want your opinion, I will ask you.)

When all you ever talk about is your past sexual conquests.

When you don’t understand the meaning of “gratefulness.”

When you don’t know how to say “thank you” when I give you business.

When you behave as if I am an interruption in your life when I buy from you.

When you ask me for advice when you have already made up your mind.

When you take advantage of our largesse, yet make fun of our government and our people.

When you are really just a retard taking up my oxygen and wasting space.

Know that you are still alive only because murder is a crime.

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