Fallen on Deaf Ears

Paid to do nothing?

Paid to do nothing?

Have you ever tried emailing a minister or a perm sec?

The apartment immediately below mine has been undergoing renovation for over a month and although the unbearably loud floor hacking was long over, very annoying high-decibel noises continue to emanate from the unit almost on a daily basis. Neighbors with young babies are disturbed and convalescent elderlies are not able to rest.

Then the renovation permit was renewed and extended for another month.

So it’s been two months now of sheer auditorical torture. Eardrum-bursting hell since May.

Attempts to seek clarification from the fat cats in government as to how many times the authorities will renew or extend a renovation permit have received zero reply thus far. Surely such permits cannot be renewed and extended indefinitely?

All that talk about a responsive, caring civil service is just talk only, isn’t it?

Anyone knows how to elicit a reply from a minister? All I’ve gotten are template-replies and cut-and-paste excuses from lackeys sidestepping the real issue. A renovation contractor I bumped into told me that renovation of the unit in question may last up to a year. I need to know so I can plan my next course of action. But I’m not getting answers.

Ok ok, so I’m just an ordinary tax-paying nobody. Maybe “responsive” and “caring” apply exclusively to government ministers and civil serpents themselves only. I am sure they have no problem taking care of themselves, that much I know.

Argh, never mind.

Anyway, election is coming right?


I – and the people I influence – know exactly what to do.

It’s time we make some idiots justify their existence!

The phrase “gaji buta” comes to mind as I write this.

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