Another Con Artist on LinkedIn

ScamWhen I was at the circus, my monthly report to my boss would receive a one-word response: “Noted.”

Bosses are required to spend one-on-one time with those under them, but this boss never did. She was allocated to be my manager during the last two years of my ten-year tenure with the company. And compared to her predecessors, the previous bosses I had before her, she was clearly the worst of the lot.

“I’m only your ‘boss’ because you need someone to approve your claims and leave application, etc,” she told me, “I’m more of your ‘location manager’ than anything else.”

She also said that she has no inkling of my subject matter but that I must be doing great since the feedback about me has always been very good – in fact “gooder than good.” And since she knows nothing about what I do, “no need for monthly meetings lah. Just carry on doing your fantastic work.”

Then suddenly, four years later, I discovered that she has listed my subject matter expertise as one of her “skills” on LinkedIn.

Not only that, the bitch has proceeded to “endorse” me.

Wow – amazing isn’t it? Her skin must be as thick as elephant hide.

Shysters and naïfs proliferate on LinkedIn, as I’ve always said.

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