Retards on Escalators

More haste, less speed.

More haste, less speed.

You are standing on the left of the escalator, as is the practice here, and suddenly some retard zooms past you on the right. Thing is by the time you reach the bottom, the same retard has just gained only a three-second advantage over you at most, meaning he’s only like three steps ahead.

Why do people run on escalators? Is everyone suddenly a Parkour enthusiast or what?

Whether you’re going up or down, escalators are not for running on.

The Retard’s Guide to Escalator Usage:

Just stand and hold the handrail for support. It’s not rocket science. It’s not brain surgery. Just stand still, no need to fidget.

The norm in Singapore of standing on the left of the escalator and leaving the right side to those retards who always seem to be in a hurry, is plain wrong.

Let the escalator do its job; those who must rush should take the stairs – and perhaps burn some calories at the same time. May even cause them to become a little bit more intelligent.

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