The Newspaper Delivery Joke

He's the best!

He’s the best!

For years now, in addition to the local papers, I subscribe to The Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune (now renamed International New York Times) and Financial Times. They cost me a bomb. Being traditionalist, I like real papers in the morning with my Java though I also check for updates online throughout the day.

These papers are delivered to my residence every morning.

TODAY is a local tabloid packed with ads and is distributed free of charge but residents of only certain locales receive it. Since I wanted another view (as opposed to the staid Straits Times) I actually pay for TODAY to be delivered as well.

The people behind TODAY tells me that what I pay goes to the delivery person.

But the delivery person sure behaves as if someone has grabbed his scrotum and twisted it hard and forced him to deliver the paper to me grudgingly every morning.

Why did I say that?

Well, all the papers I receive every morning, other than TODAY, are delivered with meticulous care – the delivery persons place them at the grills of my gate. They take care delivering these papers.

On the contrary the TODAY delivery person simply carelessly dumped TODAY on the grounds outside my house, often with the pages of the papers strewn askew.

I’m glad that the problem is solved now – after relentless reminders, TODAY is now delivered the correct way – placed at the grills.

The Straits Times is another story.

Suddenly for some strange reason, for several months now, the delivery person has decided to carelessly throw The Straits Times on a shoe rack outside my house.

When the person who delivers my The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Financial Times saw that he did the same.

Took me an email or two to get that sorted out. Easy peasy.

(I’m not being anal or difficult. It’s just that newspapers left that way tend to disappear. And with some of these foreign papers costing me up to S$5.50/- a copy, I certainly want to make sure they don’t get stolen by the retards in the neighborhood who use them for wrapping dog shit.)

But it took me an entire month to get the The Straits Times delivery situation sorted out.

On August 3rd, I made a request for the papers to be delivered as before – placed at the gate or even dropped through the grills of my gate.

The problem was finally fixed on August 28th.

But not after a couple of phone calls plus 10 emails were exchanged between me and Suneeta Devi, Ragambirri, Willy Benzon and Sidney Lock from The Straits Times. Yup, emails were never replied by the same person.

And yup, it took an entire month to fix a simple problem.

And we wonder why we are losing our competitiveness.

Christ, it’s only newspapers, man!

Not a big deal – annoying nevertheless but not a big deal – but it reminded me of an old story about two bricklayers.

When asked what they were doing, one said he’s building “just another church building” while the other announced with pride “I’m building a house of God.”

It’s all about attitudes isn’t it?

Perhaps now it’s not difficult to understand why folders for the SG50 commemorative notes have our first president’s name spelt wrongly.

To me, that’s an unpardonable sin.

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