Skin Deep and Deep Shit


An aesthetic clinic has opened up in a neighborhood mall and it’s packed to the gills. In fact, it’s like a fish market.

It’s operated like an assembly line – you go in, get your zap, you go out. Meanwhile there is a long line trying to get in.

No, you don’t call this health care.

And any relationship to medicine is remote at best.

Why not, right?

Housewives spending their husbands’ money want varicose veins removed, old men ask for their liver spots and facial pigmentation to be lasered off, others opt for scar, mole or skin tag removal. Ladies who lunch want their Botox jabs, and reformed young men want their tattoos eliminated and the hirsute want excess bodily hair gone. Oh, I forgot, the karaoke “public relations officers” (translation: hookers) want their vaginas to look as good as new. Not to mention those weirdo neighborhood uncles who want ball bearings embedded in their foreskin.

Beauty salons trying to provide similar services have had a bad reputation so nowadays people flock to qualified doctors to get their “beauty” fix. In any case, beauty salons aren’t allowed to do many of the stuff that only doctors are permitted to do.

Medical doctors lured to fast money – some charge patients for each blast or beam of laser and most sell “packages” involving a series of visits  – are abandoning medicine for which they were trained to focus solely on aesthetics.

As people go past the quest for basic needs, they now want to look good – some are even willing to go under the knife, (and there is a douche bag doctor here who brags about his vagina reconstruction skills) – and are happy to pay for it so these avaricious medical whores fulfill their needs.

Never mind ethics, never mind the prostitution of their skills for quick, easy cash.

Willing buyer, willing seller right?

Same with dentists – what’s there to be proud of if you boast of a network of clinics all over the world whose main aim is to churn money, with your team of money-grabbing dentists recommending costly implants when cheaper forms of treatment are available?

Surely primum non nocere applies to patients’ wallets too?

Medicine – and dentistry – is now a marketplace commodity. To hell with Hippocrates and his archaic oath. Come get a new pussy while you buy fish for the family dinner. Forget dentures, go for implants and contribute heavily to the dentist’s retirement fund.

Also, what’s the point of looking good when one is rotten inside and bacteria is the only culture one has? Ah, that’s another story altogether.

Nothing wrong with making money and contrary to what people believe, money itself is NOT the root of evil – the LOVE of money is, and there is no lack of such idiots around. Doctors and dentists who prescribe unnecessary drugs or procedures, those who send patients to their partners-in-crime for unnecessary tests, those who practice no-value medicine and dentistry; these money-grabbing scumbags are stooping so low to scoop in copious amount of cash into their overflowing wheelbarrows. Just as that old navy joke that says the rear of the rear admiral is the vice of the vice admiral, other people’s hard-earned money becomes these snake oil peddlers’ easy money. They should be driven (the way those merchants were driven out of the temples by Christ) out of the halls of healthcare for turning their profession into an unscrupulous horse trade. Maybe I’m too idealistic but when charlatans disguised as doctors and dentists become businessmen is the tipping point when all hell breaks lose.

Sure there is a veneer of respectability to the “Dr” title, but money from administering laser blasts, money from forcing patients to opt for more expensive treatment, money from Botox jabs and money from crafting new vaginas for hookers?

Oh my!

How could you live with yourself?

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