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Beating the Crap out of an Uber Driver

Uber driver got whacked by Land Transport Authority officer? Yup, a video that has since gone viral shows an Uber driver having his shit beaten out of by a LTA officer. My two cents’ worth: (1) Passenger is a moron … Continue reading

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A Neerup Churchwarden

This Ida Easy Cut – a Neerup pipe – is exceptionally long, with seven knuckles of bamboo stretching up from the shank. Neerup pipes are carved by Peder Jeppesen.

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Celebrate with Us!

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Goodbye Thamrong Phongthitithep

When I was working in the circus, there were more assholes and morons than good people. In my ten years there, I have encountered only a handful of good people. Thamrong Phongthitithep was a good man. I am very saddened … Continue reading

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