Preachers who Plagiarize

FraudsterIt’s so easy to watch a video online of an eloquent preacher and just mimic him when you preach.

That must have been the attitude and practice of many pastors.

I wonder how many sermons preached on Sundays by pastors are just lazy ass pastors mirroring some well-known preachers they see online.

Not only is it a stupid thing to do (members of the congregation too can access those same videos online) it says everything else about the douche bags who do such things.

Pastors are supposed to be anointed – they are supposed to bring the Word to their flock as the Holy Spirit touches them. Of course nobody expects a pastor to go up to the pulpit completely unprepared and waiting for the God’s words to flow through him.

But surely being prepared doesn’t mean watching videos of Rick Warren or Billy Graham on YouTube and then impersonating them?

So the stories told by Rick Warren and the anecdotes shared by Billy Graham are hijacked to become their own?

Pastors who do that should be defrocked – they are basically liars and lack integrity.

It’s time to turn these parasites onto the streets so they can earn an honest living for a change.

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