Late Delivery of Mail by SingPost

Does SingPost hire retards?

Does SingPost hire retards?

A batch of mail dated early April was delivered only in late May, resulting in my missing payment deadlines for some bills, leading to my having to pay penalty charges.

When I contacted SingPost, I received an email saying my feedback would be directed to the relevant department.

A “Customer Care Consultant” named Shalini Pateriya then emailed to say, (and I quote verbatim):

“Thank you for your email of 28 May 2016 regarding Ordinary Mail. We are sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. We regret to inform you that we have checked with the delivery department and they confirm that they are maintaining the record of ordinary mail. We also would like to inform you that team is monitoring the address, once the item is arrived to the destination post that we will make it delivered to your address.”

Needless to say, I am unable to understand a word of it.

“We are sincerely apologies” yeah?


Mail delivery is not rocket science, yet SingPost can fuck it up so badly.

Only in Singapore, only in this great, glorious country called Singapore.

Singapore, where a limping cripple, a terrorist, can escape from a prison fenced with barbed wire, and then swam to freedom in Malaysia, where a paper general and a wannabe comedian shouted at people and asked them to kee chiu (raise their hands) in response to his (rhetorical and idiotic) question: “Who thinks that Singapore would be around for five more years?” Well, that was back in 2011 and yes, sir, we are still around, thank you very much, who thinks you are a moron, kee chiu! Yes, only in this great, glorious country called Singapore, where another comedian whose day job was with a duty free store was asked to run the SMRT after she lost her job due to budget cuts, only in Singapore where another paper general who probably can’t even run a coffee stall was helicoptered in to replace her, only in Singapore where people die from outbreaks in hospitals and the health minister still keeps his multimillion-dollar job.

Ah, Singapore!

Where the concept of accountability has no meaning, where the real culprits are protected from paying the ultimate price for their cock-ups.

First world country indeed. Obviously delusions are infectious.

Very very infectious.

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