Thanks, But No Thanks


Invited some people to a soirée recently – gave everybody advance notice – but was surprised at how rude some Singaporeans have become.

One replied to say “Whatever free time I have I spend on my son.”

“My Sundays belong to my wife,” responded another.

Another said “I have an event to plan.”

Yet another asked “What time will it end? I may come after my visit to my in-laws.”

No “thank you”s and no apologies.

A few didn’t even bother to RSVP.

Don’t get me wrong; the majority of those who accepted did so with grace – “Thanks so much for the invitation, it’s my pleasure to attend” and they came bearing gifts.

The majority of those who couldn’t make it were equally kind – “Thanks so much for the invitation, I would love to be there, unfortunately I have a prior engagement and regret that I am unable to come. Please have a great time, I will be with you all in spirit” or words to that effect. One couple even sent a lovely bouquet of flowers.

What caused this deterioration in good graces?

Could it be because people who are familiar with you take liberty in being discourteous, ie, they don’t see a need to be polite with you anymore?

Could it be because of smartphones and instant messaging, people, used to being sparing with words, dispense with courtesy altogether?

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