Going to Hell in a Handbasket


Those born in 2015, on the occasion of Singapore’s 50th year of independence, were bestowed with the Baby Jubilee Gift.

This year, $3.45 million will be spent on baby gifts for babies born last year.

The money is from the tax we pay.

Honestly this money could be better spent. These babies did nothing to deserve any gifts. They were fortunate to be born into an era of great peace and prosperity in the right country. If at all, appreciation should be bestowed on those who have survived – many with great hardship – the last 50 years, especially the earlier years of tumultuous, and sometimes, even violent change.

The People’s Association says that the gifts are designed “to bond our communities and celebrate families.” There are far less costly and financially-driven ways to achieve that. Besides, incentivizing people by way of gifts only fosters a reward-driven culture and creates short-lived superficial outcomes. So no gifts, no bonding? Bonding amongst communities must be based on a genuine need to collaborate and to live in harmony; it must come from the heart, and best nudged by education, not by handling gifts to people and in the hope that they will bond.

Add this to the long list of stupidities committed lately by this great and wonderful country called Singapore.

We’re going to hell in a handbasket, let me tell ya!

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