Well, I Guess it’s Still Better than Blowing her own Trumpet

Bitch couldn’t find a toilet to do this in?

In mid August, I was attending a three-day training workshop at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine when suddenly a loud sound – like a foghorn – came from where some of the admin staff were sitting. I almost jumped out of my seat only to realize that a young woman was loudly blowing her nose.

Well, it’s her fucking nose to blow and it’s her birthright to honk like a goose, but “how rude!” was what I was thinking. Many people think of nothing about blowing their noses, even when in the middle of a conversation or a meal.

Maybe it’s because of my year spent in Korea on a consulting assignment once that has made me very conscious of how public nose-blowing is so impolite and certainly for that young woman, it was absolutely most un-lady like.

You see, while blowing your nose is generally acceptable just about everywhere else, this is not the case in Korea. In that culture, blowing your nose is considered gross and bad-mannered.

If that young woman wishes to be uncouth – as many women her age are nowadays (have you been to eateries and seen young women in groups bellowing and guffawing like no one else exists?) – it’s her bloody business but in my mind, she just shot up to the very top of my shit list, no matter how attractive she might have been.

Next time, bitch, spare a thought for the people around you; they deserve some peace and quiet and for those other bitches who laugh like hyenas in restaurants, please don’t spoil our dining experience. Olfactory intrusions into our space are not socially acceptable. Didn’t your parents teach you anything? Are you so really so ill-bred or was it defiant behavior in a room full of men who have chosen to ignore you?

No? Well, next time, you might as well fart like a whale or pick your nose in public too!

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