Broken Pipe

Daniel Yeo, 1963-2017

A great friend and bro, Daniel Yeo, left us on 28th October.

Many make empty promises, but Daniel always delivered. Many are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, but Daniel’s quiet composure was always a stabilizing factor. Many spout big talk, but Daniel’s actions spoke louder than words. Many promise to show up, but Daniel could always be counted on to make his appearance. Many fight for supremacy, but Daniel’s quiet strength never failed to draw others to him. Many brag about their acquisitions, but Daniel was never materialistic. Many will ask to be paid, but Daniel would give his precious belongings away. Many claim to be available to assist, but Daniel just rolled up his sleeves and contributed. Many pay lip service, but Daniel meant everything he said. Many are heartless, but Daniel was compassion personified. Many expect to be recognized, but Daniel chose to remain in the background. Many have issues with others, but Daniel was friendly to all. Many are crude and boorish, but Daniel was a gentleman. Many are crass, but Daniel exuded refinement. Many are into fads and trends, but Daniel stuck to the tried and tested. Many are freeloaders and gatecrashers, but Daniel never took advantage of anyone; he never took things for granted. Many want to know how much things cost, but Daniel knew the true value of what really matters in life.

Dan, you will be sorely missed. God took you home way too soon, but your gentle spirit, your quiet demeanor, your subtle sense of humor, your mischievous smile, the things you said, the wisdom you shared, your Latakia, your giant Ardors, your meerschaums, your Oom Pauls, have never left us and will never leave us.

When your heart of gold stopped, and when your hard-working hands rested, we grieved and we cried, we gnashed our teeth and we asked God why. Our sorrow hit us like a ton of bricks, and rendered us speechless, yet we are comforted that you now enjoy a well-earned eternal repose.

Rest well, bro. Rest well.

We will meet again.

And we will light up our pipes and smoke again, and exchange views about tobacco, and chat, and joke and fellowship, and people-watch, and laugh and be happy and cheerful again and again.

We will weep no more in the glorious knowledge that the emptiness caused by your departure and our parting are but temporary.

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