My Relationship with the Lord is Great!

Christianity’s worst enemies are its own leaders and its believers.

I cannot understand how anyone can sit in the pew and listen to someone who belongs to a fraternity that rapes thousands of altar boys.

I cannot imagine being part of a congregation of worshipers who are hypocrites, cheats, and liars; who behave like Goody Two-shoes in church but after church, abuse their maids, cold-shoulder their parents and behave in an un-filial manner.

I cannot understand how some church-goers denigrate other churches that their friends worship at. Why the sanctimonious, holier-than-thou attitude? Is one church better than another?

I cannot understand why people insist on “serving” in church committees (only to play politics) and attend prayer meetings, and go for Bible study classes, and read nothing but religious books and listen only to religious music. Cramming for their finals or what? All this overloading and hot-housing will give you a seat next to Christ or what? Nine women cannot make a baby in one month. No amount of over-dosing will bring you faster or closer to God.

I cannot understand why some people can still worship in places where the leaders have caused their family members harm by their words and actions.

When some church leader or member betrays you or causes you grief or stabs you in the back, you aren’t just robbed of your sanctity and safety. (Surely the church should be a safe place, you say, free of shenanigans. Oh how naive can you get?) You are also robbed of your faith. How can you carry on believing when the church is a cesspit of immorality?

Some say don’t look at the people, look at God for solace. People change, even priests and pastors are human but God is the same all the time.

Yeah? I agree. Totally.

This is why I denounce institutional worship and organized religion.

Me and my God get along just fine, without the bullshit that comes with human beings.

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