Ascorti Natural Bent Billiard

The history of Ascorti pipes started back in 1986 when Giuseppe “Peppino” Ascorti started making pipes.

Today, the company is helmed by son, Roberto Ascorti.

Roberto personally selects the best briar, ages it for two years, and then starts carving using equipment originally made by Giuseppe.

The mouthpiece, made in methacrylate (acrylic) is also completely handmade, obtained in sheets which are cut into bars, then drilled and shaped with files and sandpaper.

I’ve been digging through my collection to find some bents to smoke and voilà, I found this!

This natural billiard feels great in the hand, offers a generous chamber, good, thick walls, and boasts a lovely touch of craggy plateau at the shank’s end.

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