A Pipe by Michael Parks

Michael Parks is a Canadian pipe maker who doesn’t make a lot of pipes but he does bring extra-high level to each one that is made. Working with solid vulcanite or acrylic rod for stems, he crafts mouthpieces to as high a degree as he does bowls. Using high-grade briar blocks, his pipes end up smooth, elegantly and ruggedly blasted, or delicately rusticated. One may also find horn, bamboo, or other exotic materials to accent the pieces. On Michael’s best pipes, the stems have an ornate inlay consisting of pieces of abalone shell. This one is a Grade IV (US$695/- and up) and has a small piece of ancient woolly mammoth tusk. Michael said he has never had a cross grain work out so perfectly and so far this pipe is the only he has made that looks like this:

I’m focusing on the bowl to highlight the grain.

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