Do Zombies Run SingPost?

They are all probably working in SingPost.

Every single contact I have had with SingPost has been a negative one.

We often read in the news of how our postal services were able to deliver letters presumed lost for years, or without addresses, or simply with the recipients’ names.

I was therefore full of hope when I phoned SingPost the other morning for assistance.

A parcel from the US, sent via USPS (whose local partner is SingPost) had a mailing label with my name on it and an incomplete address (unit number was missing). So I contacted SingPost to provide the tracking number and my full address, but was directed to a call center probably located outside Singapore, whose call taker told me in a very strong foreign accent that “It is against our policy to change the delivery address on the mailing label and the parcel will be returned to sender.”

No amount of my pleas for help got me anywhere. Clearly letters miraculously delivered, despite partial addresses, is a thing of the past. This despite my providing full personal details to the call taker and assuring him that I was the intended recipient and the parcel’s delivery is of utmost importance.

SingPost, another organization going to hell in a handbasket.

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