World-Class Flint Knapp Artist Kenny Hull

Flint knapping is an ancient art form. I have never heard of it until I visited the Chicagoland International Pipe & Tobacciana show last month. One of the tables was displaying an obsidian knife carved by world-class flint knapp artist Kenny Hull who has been knapping since 1996 using the flake over grind method. I bought it as a memento for my younger son.

I’ve since been in contact with Kenny and his masterpieces are really outstanding which explains why he has made knives for several movies including the 2013 Riddick #3.

Here’s the knife I bought in Chicago:

The second one I purchased has a coyote jaw as a handle:

The next two incorporate deer legbones:

With such fine craftsmanship, it is easy to understand why Kenny’s creations are being collected worldwide.

I’m proud to be a new fan!

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