I thought, I thought…

Many people, when coming across an idea or a subject, mentally race ahead to conclude whatever picture they have in their minds.

Example: I said “I heard durian prices…” and before I could finish, the person to whom I was having the conversation with, interrupted rudely and interjected “Yes, durian prices this season are extremely cheap and everyone’s buying them, I myself have been eating a lot of nice cheap durians lately, some of the top-grade ones are going for like 10 bucks a kilo, have you been eating any, you should if you haven’t, if you want I can pass you my durian seller’s contact number.” He has assumed I wanted to talk about the trending topic of the day which is the low durian prices (due to overharvest).

“Actually,” I regained control of the conversation (after regaining my composure), “I was going to say that I heard durian prices are now really cheap here in Singapore, but, when I was in Hong Kong just two days ago, each durian was still selling for as much as two-hundred Singapore dollars.”

My friend responded with “Oh, I thought you were talking about the low durian prices in Singapore.”

Well, retard, you thought wrongly lah!

When you rush ahead and interrupt without giving your conversation partner the opportunity to finish saying what he has started to say, and you mentally come to a conclusion that your mind has already drawn, you basically deny yourself the chance of understanding what the other person is trying to say.

And you end up responding with “Oh I see, I thought…”

I thought this and I thought that.

It happens to a lot of people.

Honestly, it makes you come across more like the retard you already are.

(With these morons, their own minds block them from really understanding things.)

Next time, listen, digest, understand, check, then, if necessary, respond wisely. Choose your words prudently.

Don’t shoot off your mouth.

Many people need to learn how to be effective listeners!

They need to know the difference between hearing and listening.

Remember you are given two ears and one mouth.

That should give you a hint.

That should stop me from having to hear you say “Oh I see, I thought…” all the time.

It’s grating!

It drives me nuts.

It makes me want to run to Tham Luang cave and die there!

Another thing: please fact-check before asking stupid questions.

I am not Google.

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