Singapore Hokkien Mee

This is good old-fashioned Singapore Hokkien Mee or Hokkien Noodles started by Hokkien people. (Most of the Chinese here are Hokkiens, originally from what is now referred to as Fujian province.)

It’s not a very complicated dish – yellow noodles are fried in prawn broth and ingredients include garlic bits, egg, small thin slices of belly pork, squid, and a couple of small prawns.

A little sambal blachan on the side (lime is usually squeezed on it) and before the dish is served, it is garnished with a small amount of fried pork lard bits.

Some stalls do this very cheaply-priced dish – it costs about US$2.50 a plate – so well that long lines form every day!

Click on the picture to see an enlarged view.

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