Under the Tutelage of Jerry Zenn

Jerry Zenn, born in 1964, is a pipe maker based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Before making pipes full time since 2005, he was an auto mechanic for 25 years specializing in Volvos.

Jerry’s pipes are very much coveted; he uses specially-harvested Oriental bamboo and horn for incorporating into his pipes and his pipes on sites like smokingpipes.com and scandpipes.com always sell out fast.

I spent a few days in Kaohsiung with Jerry recently and made a pipe under his watchful eyes:

Challenge: How to turn this block of briar into a beautiful pipe?

After designing, cutting and sanding, the pipe is now ready to be sandblasted.

This was how the bowl looked like before sandblasting.

The grains started to emerge after sandblasting.

A few more steps and finally the pipe is done!

Check this out too: Pipe making in the USA.

Three of Jerry’s pipes:


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