Quiescence and Hiatus

After ten enjoyable years, it’s time to take a break. Starting today, I’m off to see the parts of the world I’ve never visited before. It will be an extended trip, something I have not done for a long time. (So far, the longest period of time I’ve been away was three weeks.)

To the loyal followers of my blog, thank you for reading my posts all these years, including my previous blog, Straight from the Shoulder.

Those who know me, know how to reach me.

Have a great life!

It’s hard to keep my big mouth shut – the swamp probably won’t get less swampy anytime soon and I still have truckloads of crap I want to get off my chest (catharsis!) – so, do keep a lookout and check back every now and then; this blog may be active again before you know it!

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