Walking on Eggshells

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions. – Confucius

It is my misfortune to know some morons who always think that they are right, that they cannot be wrong, that their stand is the correct one and any position or view that is different from theirs is incorrect, sinful or morally deplorable. They are the epitome of moral correctness, the personification of saintliness.

They are not open-minded and refuse to understand things from other people’s perspective.

They are confident of their own righteousness, and are smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.

When others do things that are done differently from the way they do things, they make faces and roll their eyes.

They are also know-it-alls, experts in everything, they have an opinion on everything.

They have never slaughtered a dinosaur before but can dispense detailed instructions on how to do it.

Yes, they are very quick to dispense smart-alecky unsolicited advice, often dishing out solutions that seem logical in theory but are impractical and unrealistic or impossible to implement.

And on the extremely rare occasions when they ask you for advice, they would eventually not use any tips you offered them but would go right ahead to do the exact opposite.

When you do that you are voiding my years of experience and telling me that my wisdom counts for nothing.

You are insulting me.

There is actually a term for such people – “askholes.”

They prefer to be thought of as founts of infinite wisdom.

They are glib, frivolous, facetious and often flippant. They think they have a great sense of humor. They think they are charming and charismatic. And they must always have the last word on any topic. And of course, their last word is always the right word.

They deny they are virtue-signalling or putting on a moral show. They even claim to be humble.

Always high and mighty, they walk with a swagger, with a smirk on their faces, always feeling that they are on cloud nine, that others are utterly stupid and possess low IQs.

Most of these retards also cannot take feedback or constructive criticism.

Their minds are closed.

Indeed, if they are so good in everything and are so perfect, who can teach them anything new?

What more can they learn?

They already know everything, what further knowledge do they need to acquire ? When a glass is full, how do you pour in more water? Impossible, right?

They have super intelligent brains and they are always judging you, sizing you up, evaluating you, making you feel like shit because nobody can measure up to their impossibly exacting and ultra-high standards.

Everything you do is wrong, everything you say is incorrect, even the way you squeeze your toothpaste is wrong, the way you hold your chopsticks is wrong; in their presence you are a complete and hopeless failure, you “don’t get it” because you are thick and dense and you have no brains and you totally always miss the point.

You live a life which is being scrutinized by them, a life of anxiety. You cower in fear that you would slip up, that the thin ice on which you walk on will crack, that at the slightest provocation it will trigger a meltdown on their part, that you would once again meet with their wrath, their rage, their disapproval, that, life being difficult as it is already, you will be slammed with the additional pressure of having to suffer from their disdain, becoming the subject of their ridicule, ending up being a nervous wreck, the target of their judgment and denunciation.

They know it all, they know how substandard you are as a human being.

A know-it-all is a scum bag who knows everything except for how annoying he or she is.

By always going into a lecture mode, it only demonstrate that they lack an important type of intelligence — social intelligence.

And when they themselves do the very things they accuse others of doing, they always have ways to legitimize their actions, to justify their behavior. They can do no wrong themselves. And since they can do no wrong, they never apologize for anything. It’s always your fault. They know how to rationalize. They never analyze their own behavior. They only see the perceived negatives in others.

No, they are not condemning, they are appraising, they are assessing, they are auditing; no, they are not tittle-tattling or spreading rumors, they are expressing concerns, they are sharing prayer items; they are not being mean, they are just meting out tough love.

Also, these loathsome beings have insidious ways of reminding you that they are your benefactors.

There is a handful of such pricks who have their noses up my ass.

It’s more than annoying,

I once read that if you have to walk on eggshells, then you don’t belong.

Indeed, if you find yourself having to tiptoe around others, you’re not walking amongst your tribe.

The message is this: If you are creeping around like you are walking on egg shells or you feel like you have to tip toe around the people you are with, maybe you are not really amongst your real tribe of people.

Your real tribe would be loyal, courteous, respectful and not slam you for your views.

There are some things you just don’t do: you don’t quaff beer in the morning unless you own a brewery and you don’t smoke cigars in the morning or chainsmoke them all day unless you print money and you don’t teach people how to rear chickens unless you own a chicken farm.

But it takes all kinds.

That’s life.

Be that as it may but I believe The Great Geometrician of the Universe has put a few of such varmints in my life for a reason.

There are lessons for me to learn there.

So, I shall overcome.

I’ve had enough of my already fragile constitution and waning self-confidence – pain does that to you, back pain since 2012 – shifting beneath me like a tectonic plate each time one of these jerks invades my personal space.


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