A Pipe by Reiner Thilo Bindschädel

When I visited Berlin, Cologne and Munich last month, I picked up a number of collectible pipes, one of which is this one by Reiner Thilo Bindschädel.

Reiner is a German master carpenter who makes pipes.

He is one of the best freehand artists that Germany has to offer.

His pipes are made out of the finest Plateau-Briarwood from Tuscany, Calabria and Corsica and all mouthpieces are entirely handcrafted and made out of Ebonite (Vulcanite), Acrylic (Lucite) and Cumberland.

Reiner does not use any cement, lute or putty, so tiny sandpits will occasionally remain on his pipes.

Pipes like those made by Reiner and other master pipe makers are available for sale and for viewing at DrMikePipes.

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