Tossing Out the Salads

I’ve been stuffing my face with raw salad after raw salad for lunch, at least three times a week. Last week was the same. If you were to cut me, I think chlorophyll will flow.

So on day four, for a change, I decided to stir-fry some okra – known as “ladies’ fingers” here – with tiny dried shrimps and spicy belachan:

Then having tasted blood – so to speak – I said, screw the greens, so, on day five, I grilled myself a tiny piece of steak. Wow, meat, glorious meat!

And that was lunch last week.

Not eating meat may be a decision, but eating meat is instinctive. They say eating red meat is unhealthy, but I’ve never seen a sick tiger. Plus, cows, despite all being vegetarians, are still as fat as ever.

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