Don’t Judge a Cigar by its Wrapper

I enjoy giving someone a stick of Leaf by Oscar and seeing him gasp. The usual reaction is they then stare at it with mouth agape.

Each cigar is wrapped with a tobacco leaf and the uninitiated often gets the impression that the cigar he gets is the cigar he’s gonna smoke and truth be told, if that’s the case, then that’s one helluva cigar that’s even uglier than the Toscano.

Leaf by Oscar cigars are made of tobacco grown in the Mayan areas of Honduras and are named after the manufacturer Oscar Valladares. It was introduced to the USA in 2012 as a house brand of Leaf & Bean, a store in Pennsylvania owned by Jim Robinson.

The tobacco leaf “casing” for each cigar actually serves the purpose of ensuring maximum freshness and better aging by allowing the cigars to breathe. Cellophane, which is used to wrap most non-Cuban cigars cannot do that.

You have a choice of Corojo, Connecticut, Maduro, and Sumatra wrappers that all offer a mellow to medium-bodied strength, with each type of wrapper boasting its own uniquely delicious flavors and aromas. You discard the leaf and smoke the cigar inside, dumbass!

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