Descend into Cannibalism

If you have been following, I’ve been experimenting with salads in a half-hearted attempt to fight the flab during the last two months of “house arrest.”

Sometimes I added a bit of non-veg, like prosciutto bits, baby abalones and even some silvers of bacon, to tempt the palate.

But the lure of meals complete with meat, glorious meat, is hard to resist. After all, I’m no vegetarian, more a “meatarian” or a carnivore.

So here’s a slow easing process into meat eating again.

No more raw salad, and the full-blown journey back to meat began with cooked spinach.

Another day, and a chunk of grilled chicken was added to some greens.

Canned sardines – an easy way paving the road to meat.

Eating meat got really serious now – pork belly cooked in soy sauce, with boiled eggs, dried shiitake mushrooms and fried bean curd. This dish, good enough to feed several people, looked like hell but tasted like heaven!

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