More Accessories for the Cigar Smoker

Last week, I showed some of the stuff being sold to cigar smokers. Today, here, you’ll find a pair of foldable cigar scissors, a knife cutter, some pocket-size punches as well as some cigar rests for those whose hands are otherwise occupied, or for those who are too lazy to even hold a cigar in their hands. Of course, none of this is important and certainly not even essential. These are paraphernalia, peripherals to the real thing, the real substance: the enjoyment of tobacco. We often mistaken the object for the substance, we get distracted into thinking that these objects, these pseudo tools are critical must-haves in our lives. These “instruments” are good to have, yes, but they are not germane to our ultimate substance, which is tobacco. Yes, they are great conversation starters too, but if you need these objects to start a conversation, you have my pity, really. What a pathetic person you must be! So, cigar cutters, etc are nothing but “delivery” enablers ensuring we arrive at our ultimate substance: tobacco. Isn’t cooking a satisfying meal, even traveling to fellowship in silent contemplation with distant like-minded soul-mates also part of the concept? That at the end of the meal, upon the arrival at the destination, nothing gives a blast more than sitting down for a heavenly smoke that only an excellent cigar or some superbly-blended – and preferably vintage – pipe tobacco can provide?

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