So, Blame Your Mother, Instead?

Yesterday was Father’s Day.

Fathers play an important role in a person’s life.

I’m a firm believer of that. Then, I came across this, from a Milly Gomez of Latibule Counseling.

Make of it what you will.

Here it is:

Up to 14 generations. What were your ancestors doing? What violence were they being subjected to – or inflicting? What are the implications for your own life? How are you working to commune with your family and ancestors, to find possible answers to these questions, to interrupt these patterns of violence and terror?

In your earliest biological form, as a non-fertilized egg, you already share a cellular environment with your mother and your grandmother.

At some point, there were three generations sharing the same biological environment. Humans are born with all the eggs they will ever have in their lifetime.

From many studies, we know now, that if a mother experience chronic stress during her pregnancy the child will have a higher risk of being premature, have lower birth weight, be hyperactive, irritable, and colicky.

it’s difficult to do long-term studies. To understand this better, scientists study animals especially animals that have a short lifespan. When doing these studies, scientists have found that trauma may be traced back up to 14 generations!

So, when you don’t understand why you feel a certain way or react in a certain way, it might be intergenerational trauma.

People are left to heal the trauma that came from the stolen land, slavery, genocide, rapes, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and the emotional abuse that their families suffered.

When you think “those things didn’t happen to me” or you say to someone “those events didn’t happen to you,” think about this. We are connected to our past…to those that were victims or to those that were perpetrators.

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