Oh Shuddap Already Lah Puleeze!

Spit Phlegm Singh got pay increase. Whole kingdom knows cos gahment-controlled town crier like Straitjacketed Times purposely squealed loud loud. Spit Phlegm Singh’s lumpahs kena squeezed so he said okay lah I donate part of increase. Then sandal doyenne Dowager Cha Kiak suddenly published cryptic message, talking in riddles spewing all kinda mumbo jumbo, like: some people donate money keep quiet, but some make plenty noise, blah, blah, blah. One attention-seeking Emasculated Eunuch also added fuel to fire, as if scared if he don’t talk people think he dumb. He referred to Spit Phlegm Singh’s donation as “wayang” and pooh-poohed it. Coming from morons who are paid more than they deserve, those comments are more than a little hypocritical.

This kingdom die father good, got all kinds of clowns provide entertainment, no need pay money one, can see theater, political or otherwise. Best for those living under Dickensian circumstances. Better than Netflix.

Rare times, to witness so much said about so little. Disproportionate reaction to so noble a gesture. Shallow comments by feeble, overly-imaginative minds insult one’s intellect. Moreover, obsequious virtue signaling on behalf of a dead man smacks of ass-kissing of the extreme kind.

Fishy as hell too. Trying to insinuate what?! Got balls, say it out loud leh. Don’t hint hint here, hint hint there lah, cheebye! Yes, spit it out lah. We all not mind readers you know.

Shakespeare got say before: “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Same same here. Must make so much noise meh? Must dig the knife in so deep meh?

Yes, shuddap already lah puleeze!

I gave you 10 dollars.

He gave you 20 dollars.

You think he better because he gave you more but he had 2,000,000 dollars and all I had was 10 dollars.

I gave till it hurt.

But some people money no end, yet give like throwing bones to dogs.

No wonder keep quiet lah. Too shy to talk right?

You got give till it hurts not?

If not, then don’t cry father cry mother, okay.

Sia suay!

Want to compare don’t compare apple to durian can or not? Compare Spit Phlegm Singh to Tua Pek Kong? Not fair, right?

Want to compare Spit Phlegm Singh’s actions with Tua Pek Kong’s, then wait till when Spit Phlegm Singh has attained same stature as Tua Pek Kong lah. So who doing “political theater” now? Who?

For now compare Tua Pek Kong to say, that orange fuckwit in the White House can already lor. Trump’s salary is only one US dollar a year. You know not? Your salary how many millions?

Go and compare lor.

You suka suka pay yourselves so much, ownself check ownself is it? Everyone say you lost your morals and moral authority already, you know or not? I also say.


“It is hard to be finite upon an infinite subject, and all subjects are infinite.” – Herman Melville

“Semmelweis Reflex: Mob behavior found among primates and larval hominids on undeveloped planets, in which a discovery of important scientific fact is punished.” – Timothy Leary

Singapore this “cuntry” – er, I mean kingdom – die father shiok, right? Singlish die father super  right? Mediacorpse newsreaders also cannot master one, this kinda lingo. They all posers with idiotic phony accents and plastic smiles mah.


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