Unbelievably Embarrassing

This Vietnamese dude smoking a dieu cay made from a bomb shell probably has more brains than retarded Singaporeans who ask idiotic questions.

Steve Fallon (Pipestud) shared this in the October 2020 issue of The Pipe Collector:

Customer: Steve, my parcel was held up and likely it is because of 2 tins of NASPC Year 2014 Limited Edition Show Blend Goblin Weed. Does it really contain a controlled substance?

At first, I thought my customer was joking with me and my initial response was tongue in cheek:

Pipestud: LOL! Yes, that nasty old pipe tobacco sure is being treated as a controlled substance these days!

Customer: So it’s true it does contain weed? Oh my God! Can I get them to send it back to you? It’s death penalty here in Singapore.

Pipestud: I thought you were joking with me. It’s only pipe tobacco. In the USA, we often call pipe tobacco “pipe weed.” The name Goblin Weed was done in fun.

Customer: Is there any info on that tobacco that I can show to Customs?

Pipestud: Yes, the information for that blend can be found on the very popular website, tobaccoreviews.com

Customer: I do not know if that will save me. I am returning the parcel.

Pipestud: I guess that I don’t blame you. I will send you an immediate PayPal refund and please do send the tins back to me at your convenience.

I’m still awaiting the tobacco and I hope my customer is still with us!

Happy Puffing!


I emailed Steve: Hi Steve, I had to laugh reading your exchange with your customer from Singapore and want to assure you that not all Singaporeans are that stupid.

Steve’s reply: LOL! Thanks for the chuckle! No, I think that poor fellow was just a wee bit over the top with his concerns. (-;

Thanks for the note and have a great rest of your day!


If I ever find out who this retard is, I’ll like to walk up to him and give him a tight slap.

That irritant should just stay home and suck his mother’s tits.

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