Oh No!

Someone by the name of Chin Kee Thou wrote a letter to the Forum page of The Straits Times last Wednesday.

He included the picture above and he wrote:

Music in the park: Such a pleasure to be at MacRitchie

One morning, while on my way home from the Lornie Trail at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, I heard the sound of an erhu from afar. I sauntered over to a pavilion where I was serenaded by a man playing a familiar, popular Chinese tune, Love Without End, from my childhood days.

I was mesmerized by his performance and stayed on to enjoy the free music in the park.

His repertoire included Chinese oldies, more contemporary songs such as The Moon Represents My Heart, and many other familiar tunes whose titles I cannot recall.

Many Western pop songs were also on his playlist and I enjoyed the tune La Paloma.

It felt almost euphoric being close to nature, with the open space and greenery, the morning breeze and sunshine.

It was a pleasure to be in the park with free music.

I wish he has not done that.


Because some retarded heartless by-the-book civil servant will go after the old man for performing without an entertainment license.

Because some retarded heartless by-the-book civil servant will impose a hefty punitive fine on the old man for disturbing the peace.

Because some retarded heartless by-the-book civil servant will accuse the old man of racism, saying that the old man should not play just Chinese songs, but that he ought to play songs in Singapore’s four official languages.

Because some retarded brainless pseudo-cultured posers (whose only culture is the bacteria in their bodies) will condemn the old man for using a Chinese musical instrument for playing La Paloma.

Because some retarded brainless self-appointed custodians of our arts, hiding behind some Arts Council, will label the old man a busker and insist that he attends an audition before they issue him a permit for busking.

Because some retarded brainless “woke” morons will castigate the old man for using plastic bags and thus destroying mother earth.

Because some retarded brainless animal lovers – some of whom are known to adopt pets while dumping their own parents in old folks homes – will reprimand the old man for frightening away the wildlife in the area with his loud music.

Because some retarded brainless bird watchers will swear at the old man for competing with the birds and drowning out their chirps and tweets as well as for driving them away with the tunes emanating from his musical instrument.

Because some retarded brainless fashion police will ridicule the old man for his “poor” dress sense – what! a fancy shirt with just shorts and sandals!?

Given the circumstances, I am almost sure the old man won’t be there the next time I visit MacRitchie. In fact, I’m 99.9999% sure that the authorities and uptight Singaporeans who can’t wait to be the policemen of the world will cause the old man to disappear.

Come on, retards! Loosen up!

And be grateful that someone is generous enough to share his musical talent without charging anyone a cent!

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