Napoleons Amongst Us

He always had to be ahead of the pack, never mind the fact that they are elders above him. He would bulldoze his way to the front and “take charge” so as to bask in the limelight.

Typical short man syndrome. A problem of the vertically-challenged.

This attitude cascades down to his entire family. Each family member places himself or herself above other people – the daughters are the worse – seriously believing that they know best, that other people are all idiots and that their family is the only one who truly knows anything, that it is only their family who holds the monopoly on wisdom. Thankfully, not all of them are as short as him.

Toxicity will spread from one generation to another. When the patriarch croaks, his kids and their kids will perpetuate the toxicity.

One big happy family, all behaving like pricks with impunity.

All strutting around like little Napoleons.

Mental dwarfs, intellectual midgets.

A sad sight to behold.

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