Apu Neh Neh

Voice actor Hank Azaria, who had portrayed Indian convenience store owner Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on The Simpsons since 1990, has apologized for participating in “structural racism.”

The Emmy winner announced in February that he would no longer be playing Apu.

American actors seek accent training so that they can appear in British films; British actors get accent training so as to be able to act in American movies.

Actors when portraying the roles they have been picked to act adopt the accent of the characters they portray.

So why is Azaria so worked up?

Come on, it’s just voice acting and he’s providing the voice of an Indian cartoon character, not even a real person. It’s the most tenuous connection to reality.

Well, he claimed that there was a documentary about Apu and after it was released, he got “cancelled.”

Ah, the insidious cancel culture.

This whole thing is retarded.

And Hank Azaria is a spineless amoeba with no balls.

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