Today – 88 Cases!

Have you heard of anyone saying that they go to KTVs for food? Obviously not!

Unless you live in a cave, you, like many people will know that KTVs are mostly sex dens – I have been shown some unbelievable videos of what’s happening inside, videos that will make those on porn sites look like innocent children’s cartoons – yet the government has allowed KTVs to re-open recently.

Why is the government so concerned about the livelihoods of KTV owners?

The government is even helping those establishments convert to F & B outlets.

But these “converted” KTVs continue to operate with zero social distancing being imposed; they continue to carry out activities that have been carried out previously and yes – causing COVID-19 infections!

As of today, the so-called KTV cluster has grown to 88 cases!

88 is a lucky number among the Chinese, being homonyms for “prosper prosper” but not in this case please.

It all started with one “social hostess” from Vietnam.

I chalk it up to another COVID-19 time bomb that have exploded in our faces! I don’t like rubbing dumb government officials’ dumbness in their faces but these are major fuck-ups like (1) last year’s debacle on foreign workers’ dormitories (2) refusing to close our borders, allowing all and sundry in and even allowing those flying in from countries with tens of thousands, no, maybe even hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 cases, er no I mean millions of COVID-19 cases to wander all over the airport, mingling with healthy people and now this: (3) allowing purveyors of the sex trade to thrive, putting the rest of us in jeopardy while the retarded horny dickheads in the country get their penises fellated in KTVs, premises packed to the gills with foreign girls allowed in as tourists to work as prostitutes.

I give credit where credit is due and so far, the government has done an admirable job, with only 36 COVID-19 deaths to date, but this latest fiasco is one that must be immediately addressed and heads must roll.

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